Celebrating a new milestone with Adaptive Insights & NASCO

We are thrilled to hear that our customer, NASCO, had a spotlight in Adaptive Insights announcement last week that its customer list expanded beyond 3,000 companies globally. Adaptive is the leader in cloud corporate performance management (CPM) for the biggest brands and the hottest companies.

InnoVergent has been a proud partner of Adaptive for years as we implemented their very first customer, NASCO in 2005. NASCO is an information technology provider to the healthcare industry.

Our team is proud to use, implement and support Adaptive as we believe it provides unparalleled opportunities in CPM, creating greater efficiencies and accuracies in reporting for each of the companies that use the system.

Visit Adaptive Insights’ website to read more about their first and 3,000th customers.

Think Adaptive sounds like the solution for you?

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