Close Your Books Faster

Close your books efficiently in 3-5 days; not 3-5 weeks

Accelerate your financial close by up to 50 percent with Oracle | NetSuite solutions from InnoVergent

The Oracle | NetSuite ERP offers the functionality your organization needs to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and get more done by eliminating time-consuming, error-prone manual processes and point solutions by automating and streamlining day-to-day accounting and financial operations.

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Complete ERP to Run Your Business

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Without a Fast Close

…how can you get a clear, real-time understanding of your company’s financial condition?

…how can you make dependable, timely and thorough business decisions?

…how can you respond in a proactive, organized and accurate manner to Board requests for reports?

Timely Financial Closings

Centralize management of all period-end close activities to reduce time and resources spent investigating and resolving errors. Detect and respond to problems before they escalate or occur. Oracle | NetSuite optimizes the financial close by delivering:

  • Period locking to prevent incorrect postings to future periods
  • Period close checklist of tasks to be completed sequentially
  • Financial adjustments for intercompany transactions, foreign currency revaluation and inventory

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics Anywhere

Create meaningful reports with easy-to-use tools, monitor the latest results as part of everyday activities, identify root causes of problems and take corrective action. Oracle | NetSuite delivers real-time information with:

  • Personalized dashboards to monitor the KPIs important to any role, from the executive to staff
  • Pre-built accounting reports and an easy-to-use report builder for customizing ad-hoc reports
  • Consolidated financial reporting for multiple subsidiaries and currencies
  • Access to information on-the-go with a mobile device

Data Sheet:

Complete ERP to Run Your Business

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