Empower Your Teams with Cloud Based

Project Management Software 
Best Practices

Significantly Improve Project Completion Record, Increase Client Satisfaction and Reduce Non-Billable Work

Oracle | NetSuite OpenAir project management software enables project managers and team members to collaborate on projects and maintain current and accurate project status at all times, allowing managers to proactively identify and resolve potential threats to the success of each and every project.

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The World’s #1 Cloud Professional
Services Automation Solution


OpenAir cloud based project management software provides the tools not only to make planning projects easy and straightforward, but more importantly, empowers project execution with these key benefits:

  • Standardize delivery with project templates.
  • Simple drag-and-drop Gantt Chart for all your project planning needs.
  • Improve oversight of your operations and maintain tighter control of project accounting.
  • Improve productivity and drive efficiencies.
  • With detailed project plan controls, project cost management and project risk and issue tracking, all project details are managed in one place.

Highly Efficient Cloud Based Project Management Capabilities

Oracle | NetSuite OpenAir enables you to improve on-time project delivery and project profitability by making it easy to manage, update and report on project status from anywhere at any time. It gives managers clear, real-time visibility into project dynamics and enables them to model “what if” scenarios to optimize price, billing rates, staffing and overall project profitability.

Project-Based Milestones – Monitor and manage these critical points throughout the life cycle of any project; milestones highlight important interim events such as phase completion, materials delivery and payments that help you make sure each project is on schedule or alerts you to issues that can be preemptively addressed.

Resource Management – Manage your global resources more effectively with advanced resource optimization functionality to make sure the right resources are working on the right projects, at the right time; increase resource utilization by easily managing and deploying resources to projects according to project needs, employee skills, experience and availability, all based on real-time project timelines.

Project Workspace – Give the entire project team a visual of the project plan, as well as access to all key functions to help improve progress, communication and collaboration; project managers can see important key performance indicators about project schedule, key milestones, task completion and important financial indicators.

Timesheet and Expense Management – Quickly and easily create detailed timesheets that are tightly integrated with project management, enabling seamless time tracking by project, phase, task and more; automate and streamline the entire expense management and reimbursement cycle, which is tied seamlessly to project accounting.

Detailed Project Status Reports – Project management tools, including Gantt charts, exceptions reports and project status summaries give your clients the information they need to remain proactively involved and up to date of project progress; for example, the Project Status Summary Report at right is a one-click, instant status report based on current project KPIs to share with management or you can instantly provide a Client View to share with your client.

cloud based project management softwareData Sheet:

The World’s #1 Cloud Professional Services Automation Solution