Collaboratively plan and model,
easily access real-time analytics,
and streamline com­plex reporting

with Adaptive Insights Analytics Software

Make Better, More Informed Decisions, Faster

Adaptive Insights advanced analytics software from InnoVergent gives you easy, powerful and fast software that empowers you to better manage your business through thorough data analysis. You can plan as a team, model anything and analyze everything and adapt quickly. With Adaptive Insights, you’re able to cut your planning cycle significantly.

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Adaptive Suite

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As the very first consulting partner for Adaptive Insights analytics software, InnoVergent helps our customers to incorporate financial and operational data, actuals, budgets and forecasts. With it, you can easily create and deliver dashboards, drill down into data sets and even perform what-if analyses on the fly.

With Adaptive Insights from InnoVergent, you can:

  • Reduce time spent on budgeting, planning, consolidation, reporting and analytics by 50-90%
  • Increase cost efficiency by more than 75% compared to legacy on-premise solutions

analytics software

Adaptive Insights from InnoVergent Makes Difficult and Complex Business Decisions Feel Intuitive

The Adaptive Suite delivers unified planning, reporting, consolidation and analytics solutions that are modern, powerful and intuitive for all types of business users.

Adaptive Planning – provides comprehensive budgeting, planning, and forecasting that’s proven to reduce cycle times by up to 90%. With an incredibly intuitive “Excel-like” web application, as well as a pure Excel interface for those who prefer it, it’s easy to collaboratively plan and forecast revenue, expenses and headcount, create rolling forecasts, and more.

Adaptive Consolidation – cut time and resources spent closing and reporting with this real-time consolidation engine, that includes journal entry management, intercompany elimina­tions, account reclassifications, and even collaborative close process management.

Adaptive Discovery – completely integrated into Adaptive Planning, this visual analytics platform simplifies the ability to uncover insights into finan­cial, sales, and operational performance. Intuitive dashboards, interactive scorecards, and what-if modeling make it easy for every business user to understand results and trends.

Adaptive Reporting – provides comprehensive financial, man­agement, board, and transactional reporting, all available through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop report builder. The web-native report builder can be used for ad-hoc man­agement reports, and Adaptive OfficeConnect can be used to generate presentation-quality board reporting across Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents with the click of a button.

Data Sheet:

Adaptive Suite

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