Breaking Free From Traditional Spreadsheets

Have you ever been in a meeting where every participant is working with different data sheets, creating confusion and preventing your team from planning and analyzing accurately? If you are like most people we talk to, you are not alone.

As we kick off the new year, we have asked customers what they value the most, receiving a variety of answers with the same common denominators: “Fast, flexible, multiple use and affordable.” So, why are companies still using platforms that don’t encompass any of these? If you’re ready to move on, here are three tools you should keep on your radar.

Native Cloud Applications

As your company grows, juggling countless spreadsheets is no longer a viable option when you want to keep a 360-degree view of what’s happening. Additionally, as we see the world of finance evolve and have more requirements than ever, out-of-date spreadsheets and endless budget meetings are only holding you back. It’s time to simplify your financial management.

Through virtual planning and budgeting, we have found ways to increase efficiency, improve visibility and set the foundation for good governance. If you ask any successful CFO, they’ll tell you that shifting from traditional spreadsheets to the cloud means that managers always have access to the latest information, can see what workers and customers are doing and can finish lengthy reports in minutes, not days.

Business Intelligence 

On a recently published white paper, Adaptive Insights discusses the keys to success with business intelligence. The secret? Utilizing tools that unify data into a single source for analysis, planning, reporting and decision making is vital.

Additionally, the white paper focuses on the importance of having a tool that lets executives and business users make decisions based on accurate, consistent data. This means that unreliable, distrusted data will no longer have a seat at your conference table.

“Find a BI solution that lets business and IT users extract and combine data from different sources– including spreadsheets, databases, and other key business systems– into a unified, reliable view.”

Adaptive Planning

Adaptive Insights is InnoVergent’s solution of record for enterprise collaboration on financial and operational processes. Even though they provide a wide variety of services, Adaptive Planning is one of Adaptive Insights’ preferred solutions, as it has proven to increase productivity amongst finance teams by more than 70 percent, rescuing budgeting, planning and forecasting from slow and painful manual processes while providing more efficient ways to analyze performance through a cloud-based system.

Contact us to learn more about InnoVergent and how we can help you implement cloud-based, unified systems and solutions that will help your finance team provide greater value and avoid mistakes.