Founder and CEO Paul Cammisa discusses new services and cloud-based solutions on North Fulton Business Radio.

ATLANTA – November 1, 2017 – InnoVergent, a financial and accounting software and services company, was spotlighted on North Fulton Business Radio, where founder and CEO Paul Cammisa discussed cloud-based solutions and the newest products that are disrupting the technology and professional services industries. InnoVergent provides customers with consulting, training and software implementation services, delivered in an inclusive, collaborative environment that helps organizations accelerate growth. During the broadcast, Cammisa covered topics regarding:

  • Emerging companies and their growing pains
  • The importance of cloud-based solutions for business continuity peace of mind
  • How to spot true-cloud versus fake-cloud systems
  • The importance of trusting your data with “one version of the truth”
  • Why InnoVergent focuses on customer experience, not merely customer service

When asked about the main challenges that InnoVergent solves for their customers, Cammisa explained that growing companies tend to hit a brick wall, lacking answers to vital operational questions due to system siloes causing the inability to accurately plan, forecast and report. “From our perspective, we bring a consultative approach to help those companies understand what their business could and should be,” he said.

At InnoVergent, customer satisfaction is the main priority. The company works directly with customers to implement and support extremely sophisticated software products that encourage quick and efficient problem-solving and growth. A main highlight during the interview was InnoVergent’s focus on providing the type of system security needed to ensure business continuity, giving companies the ability to keep running in the event their systems go down. “Business continuity is about discovering and understanding a single point of failure in your entire organization and trying to mitigate that impact in your business,” Cammisa explained. “If something of significant proportion were to occur, how could the company survive?”

In addition, Cammisa explained that the company focuses on customer experience, and not just customer service. “In the service industry our employees are our biggest asset, and we try to make sure that the entire journey of a customer, from sales to implementation to post go-live, receives a consistent level of passion and dedication,” he stated.

Another relevant topic Cammisa highlighted was InnoVergent’s effort to fully understand their customers and the best possible ways to help them succeed. “What we are trying to do now is bring in yet another layer of service offering with what we call Business Equilibrium Services,” he explained. “Through Business Equilibrium Services we dissect the customer’s business and operations, then we put into place improvement processes and technology to support those processes moving forward.”

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About InnoVergent

As leading industry experts in cloud-based accounting and financial software, InnoVergent provides customers with consulting, training and implementation services for Oracle | NetSuite, Adaptive Insights and NetSuite | OpenAir.

InnoVergent becomes a trusted advisor to our customers and guarantees an efficient and optimized implementation of the right solution focused on meeting the unique challenges of each company. Our experienced team includes former CPAs, CFOs, accounting experts and Six Sigma and software-certified professionals who work to improve efficiencies and streamline operations for our customers, saving organizations time and money.

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