Oracle | NetSuite and Adaptive Insights Release 2018.2

What to Expect from Your Oracle | NetSuite and Adaptive Insights Systems:
Version 2018 Release 2

During July, 2018, both Oracle | NetSuite and Adaptive Insights announced their 2018.2 releases. For both cases, the updates focus on improved capabilities to maximize your selling power and new features to keep helping you provide the best possible services to your customers.

2018.2 Oracle | NetSuite Release Highlights

Global Financial Capabilities 

NetSuite’s new Global Financial capabilities deliver further enhancements for international businesses, as you can now automate the generation of consolidation, income statement closing and balance sheet closing journal entries to satisfy the international market requirements.

Additionally, the update allows for users to eliminate multiple applications such as spreadsheets and third-party solutions to view accurate cash balance for status and forecasting. 

Professional Services Automation

For business expenses, there’s a new functionality to support entry and management of expenses with corporate credit cards. This allows for:

  • A standard process to capture and manage Corporate Credit Card Expenses
  • Flexible default credit card account setup
  • Automatic GL impact
  • Approval of workflows, which can now be updated to include the new feature

Suite Analytics Workbook

Prior to 2018.2, NetSuite offered searches and reports as separate analytical tools, each with their own user interfaces, authoring processes, and metadata layers. To avoid inconsistencies, the new SuiteAnalytics Workbook Beta Feature offers users:

  • The ability to create highly customizable workbooks that combine queries, pivot tables, and charts using a single tool.
  • An intuitive design to ensure that fields are consistently exposed in SuiteAnalytics Workbook, with consistent results in all workbooks.
  • Custom formula fields so users can create and add fields with dynamically calculated values to workbooks.
  • Multiple display options for hierarchical fields, so you can easily view data for fields with parent-child relationships.
  • Drag-and-drop edit for accurate, unique insights from rich visualizations
  • A new way to derive insights from your data!

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2018.2 Adaptive Insights Release Highlights

The Adaptive Insights 2018.2 release will be available Friday, August 10th, 2018. This release includes new capabilities to help users streamline planning and reporting, model their business across currencies, and respond to business changes with richer data sets and on-the-fly analysis.

OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning

Thanks to the 2018.2 release, users no longer have to close one OfficeConnect workbook to open another, but instead now have the ability to open up to three OfficeConnect workbooks at the same time.

Additionally, users with more than one instance will now be able to switch instances inside of the workbook, without having to sign out of OfficeConnect to switch instances.

Modeling and Consolidation

Previously, the Weighted-Average Translation (WAT) was achieved through multiple accounts and formulas, which was very difficult for customers to implement. Thanks to the 2018.2 release, users can now automate the process and decide how to move balances forward by selecting the target account in a drop-down list.

Dashboards and Analytics

You can now easily resize drop-down menus on perspective contexts and on the cart time toolbar.


With the new Integration feature users can automatically create new dimension attribute values while synchronizing source dimension values with planning values.

Whether the source is an Excel spreadsheet, CRM, ERP, HR or an operational system, planning models, forecasts, reports, and dashboards will all have the latest dimension attribute values, allowing users to adapt more easily to changes in the market and other situations.

Elastic Hypercube Technology

The patent-pending Elastic Hypercube Technology supercharges Adaptive Insights’ Business Planning Cloud platform with the power, scalability, and performance companies of all sizes need to model the complexities of their business and report on and analyze results – without compromising ease of use.

To learn more about the Elastic Hypercube Technology, watch the Adaptive Insights video!

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