Finance and Accounting Professionals are the New Corporate Superheroes – Part Three

— By illustrating the benefits you’ve reaped by better managing your financial data and streamlining tasks, you’ll shine the spotlight on your own best practices that can then be replicated throughout your company. Business in the age of the Internet of Things is all about data and the intrinsic value it can bring to your company. Data you can trust, transparent throughout your enterprise, empowers your company to understand everything from market trends for product development … to how engaged your staff is … to what the real cost of sales and marketing is … to revenue projections that affect your stock price. But every department must be on the same page working toward universal strategic goals. The analytical minds of finance and accounting professionals are perfect for leading this effort and driving the assemblage of great data that drive the best business decisions.

“Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.” (Spider-Man, 2002)

Hopefully, you now recognize the potential your finance and accounting role has to be a superhero for your company! We’ll conclude with four additional words of wisdom as you embark on your new professional adventure:


Don’t keep your knowledge to yourself; spread the word and pay it forward. By working collaboratively with other departments, you will maintain your credibility and level of influence within your company, while ensuring the success of these departments and, thus, the company. Your efforts can be as simple as providing and helping produce reports and analytics that are meaningful to everyone involved. You can guide these departments toward focusing on the work that these reports indicate needs to be prioritized and which will provide the most value to your company. This work will translate into a higher valuation of your company by investors due to reported metrics such as customer retention and brand reputation.

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Next: You know you can trust your finance and accounting data because you’re using a cloud-based unified system. Knowing that your data is accurate saves tons of time because you don’t have to validate the information against multiple duplicated records and spreadsheets.

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