Finance and Accounting Professionals are the New Corporate Superheroes

— Don’t you just hate this scenario … the one where you’re at a networking event or a neighborhood cook-out and someone asks you what you do, and you answer – confidently and proudly – “I work in corporate finance and accounting.” And you immediately feel, if not see, the obligatory eye roll? The stereotype still exists even in the 21st century. Uninformed people view you as just a numbers person or the finance cop who merely enforces those set-in-stone budget policies that make their own job so difficult or the mysterious loner who rarely leaves their corner workspace.

Little do they know that they have just met the next corporate superhero who will lead a new wave of technological and cutting-edge processes that will set a new paradigm for finance and accounting roles across all industries. Yes, you will save the day! So, while not as entertaining as a graphic novel, we will show you in this white paper how you can replace the classic image of a person wearing a green visor crunching numbers on a calculator to a futuresque image of an accounting and finance professional with a green superhero cape flapping in the breeze as she/he zooms between company departments, solving the crimes of bad data and leaving a trail of enlightened colleagues.

Cloud-Computing Brings New Possibilities to Your Career

The cloud is old news to almost all the companies we talk to … and if it’s not, the companies still using on-premise systems convert and become our new customers pretty darn quick! The benefits of cloud-based software are well known … these technology solutions save companies time and money from improved efficiencies and streamlined business operations; particularly if they are using a unified solution to gain “one version of the truth” for their enterprise-wide data.

A vital, yet often unspoken benefit of cloud-based computing, is the evolution of the work done by professionals in IT roles. The cloud has liberated time for companies’ IT staff so they can focus on other important services, like making sure internet connectivity is excellent. They no longer must worry about keeping on-premise hardware operational, especially when using servers that crash during spikes in use. IT teams have successfully evolved to focus on innovative technologies, superb internet connectivity and remote users.

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