Part one of a four blog series on cloud software for business continuity.

Cloud Software Strengthens Your Business Continuity Plan

The cloud does the work for you so you don’t have to feel like you’re in a Hollywood disaster film.

Every company needs a Business Continuity Plan that includes the steps needed to recover from a disaster that significantly impedes your ability to continue the work of your business. We often think of this as a modern extension of the digital world, but when you think about it, businesses have always required such a plan, even before computers were invented and we entered the Information Age. Storms have always occurred, floods, fires, wars, trade disruptions, economic collapses, the list can go on and on.

It’s just that today, when a laptop “crashes” we feel as though the world has come to an end if our data was not properly backed up. Multiply this panic one hundred-fold if an entire company’s network goes down, with no adequate process in place to get up and running fast without loss of critical information. It truly can be a disaster because people’s livelihoods are at stake and the damage to the business may be irreparable. But let’s look at these situations a bit differently.

What’s Really Important?

It seems that almost every article, blog or white paper written about the issue of maintaining business continuity in the aftermath of a catastrophic event reads like the latest summer blockbuster disaster movie script. Prepare now for the asteroid hitting the Earth! Get ready for the tsunami that sweeps over the entire North American continent! And don’t forget to protect your business from the zombie apocalypse! Not that these movies aren’t entertaining, but we want to take a less dramatic approach.

A disaster serious enough to halt your business operations is not to be taken lightly and can be anything from a devastating tornado to a twelve-hour power outage to a cyber-attack to even losing a key employee with unique knowledge. We all need to plan for these worst-case scenarios, but the best Business Continuity Plans we’ve seen all include reliance on cloud computing to take care of the worries about your critical business data.

This cloud approach is powerful and effective because what we believe is that, during a disaster, people should be able to focus on the most important things… their families, pets, homes, communities and fellow citizens. If a business worry can be eliminated, then that is a great asset to have.

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