For InnoVergent, 2018 can be summed up as a year of transformation. This began with a complete revamp of our website to coincide with our focus on internal betterment for greater external success.  

We turned our focus to internal training, education and process refinement, and, in turn, emerged with a renewed mindset and strategy. The InnoVergent team spent time sharpening their skillsets and really aimed our attention towards compliance and readiness with the ASC 606 and ASC 842. In 2018, we also took a deep dive into customer experience. We worked hard to refine internal processes so our customers have a fantastic experience from the initial phone call to years beyond.

In 2018, we found more interest from the healthcare vertical to make the switch to true-cloud technology. This reiterates the notion that true-cloud software is beneficial across ALL verticals from wholesale distribution to emerging tech companies.

We focused our efforts on two ends of the spectrum this year ­– emerging and legacy companies. Many of our new customers are emerging companies that outgrew QuickBooks and were looking for a solution to keep up with their growth. On the flip side of the coin, we had many customers searching for a way out of their outdated legacy software. In both cases, Oracle NetSuite offered the perfect solution, and the InnoVergent team was there every step of the way.

2018 was a truly transformative year that set us up to shine bright in 2019!