We wanted to take a moment to highlight an exciting event for our very first customer, NASCO. Just last week they were introduced during Adaptive Insights’ annual user conference, Adaptive Live, as Adaptive’s first customer in 2005. This introduction took place during Adaptive CEO Tom Bogan’s keynote address.

Bogan spotlighted NASCO to their live audience of over 1,400 finance professionals.  This turnout alone speaks volumes of Adaptive’s growth over the past 11 years and shows just how significant NASCO is to be their first of 3,000 customers globally.

NASCO is owned by and exclusively serves Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies across the country, providing an integrated suite of information technology products and services. NASCO’s products are designed to solve common business challenges, create a cost advantage and minimize business risk. Founded in 1987, NASCO processes over 280 million health claims per year on behalf of over 23 million BCBS members.

NASCO adopted Adaptive in 2005 to further accelerate their finance and business performance by planning smarter, reporting faster and leading with data-driven insights.

At InnoVergent, we are proud to be Adaptive’s partner for more than ten years and were delighted to implement NASCO on Adaptive Insights in 2005. Eleven years later, we are proud to represent such a significant customer.



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