Finance and Accounting Professionals are the New Corporate Superheroes – Part Four



You know you can trust your finance and accounting data because you’re using a cloud-based unified system. Knowing that your data is accurate saves tons of time because you don’t have to validate the information against multiple duplicated records and spreadsheets. You can run a report quickly and easily and know that the information is dependable. However, are other departments in the same glorious situation or are they still struggling the way you did a few years ago? And, if other departments don’t have reliable data, what implications does that have for the information they provide to you that rolls up into your financials? This unfortunate situation represents an opportunity for you to use your influence in other departments to save the day! You’ll ensure your seat at the strategy table and foster better cooperation between departments.


It’s easy for finance and accounting professionals to forget the impact they can have on contributing to the Customer Experience … and that impact can be either good or bad. To the world outside of the accounting department, for example, the ability to accurately bill customers in a timely fashion seems like an easy, no-brainer task. “Not so!” say the folks who struggle each day to get this work done with outdated systems and continuously fail to meet customer expectations. At the same time, however, companies that have implemented modern, sophisticated, cloud-based systems may be reaping the benefits of avoiding payment delays, speeding cash flow and building client trust – all positive contributions to exceptional Customer Experience. Just because things are running smoothly, however, don’t forget to build your individual professional value. Are you suddenly being viewed as non-essential to company operations? Or have you established yourself as a visionary and change agent to help enable the company’s ability to provide an exceptional experience for all customers?


Include in your professional development plans the acquisition of skills like people management, positive communications, presentation, change management and meeting facilitation. Now that you will be out of your cubicles and offices with high visibility throughout the company, you’ll be perceived as the thought leaders that can forge the way for each department to build value in their data and increase efficiencies in their processes. These added professional skills will help you as you share knowledge and mentor others to be more analytical so that everyone’s data is actually used for the good of all!

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