Part four of a four blog series on cloud software for business continuity. Missed part 3? Click here!

Cloud Software Strengthens Your Business Continuity Plan

The cloud does the work for you so you don’t have to feel like you’re in a Hollywood disaster film.

Once is One Time Too Many

It takes just one time of not being prepared for a disaster to wipe out most of what your business has worked so hard to achieve. Your revenue will be impacted, you may lose customers and you’ll have a ton of extra expenses for which you did not budget. Don’t let that scenario play out once, much less make a repeat appearance.

Along with developing a thorough Business Continuity Plan that helps you quickly get back to normal, make sure your business systems are all running in the Cloud. You literally can not afford to be caught without a plan and systems that enable you to be resilient through any type of catastrophe because your lack of preparation will be noticed and felt by your customers.

The question is really about how many resources your organization can dedicate to data and application security to protect your… data and how that compares with the expertise and resources the cloud vendor will deploy.

Source: Oracle | NetSuite

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