Is your business leaning on Excel spreadsheets for budget and forecasting?


Countdown to the new Revenue Recognition Standards, ASC 606

Significant Impact on Software and High-Tech Companies As we quickly approach the second half of the year and the length of our to-do lists seems to increase daily, the need to prepare for the upcoming changes in accounting is more important than ever. In the Software and High-Tech industries, however, preparation for ASC 606 might [...]

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Industry Changes and Company Vision Statement: Looking Into the Future with a New Perspective

Industry Changes and Company Vision Statement: Looking Into the Future with a New Perspective In an effort to better understand current industry changes and the way they’re affecting our clients and partners, we decided to ask ourselves “why” we do what we do and “how” we are going to carry out these changes [...]

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CEO Perspectives: ASC 606 and New Beginnings

CEO Perspectives: ASC 606 and New Beginnings It’s hard to believe, but it’s already March. With the Daylight Saving Time change we lost an hour and now it is the beginning of Spring. But we still lost an hour. How do you get your job done with one less hour this month? At InnoVergent we [...]

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Business Services Industry and FP&A Tools

Business Services Industry and FP&A Tools In working with companies in the Business Services industry we have came to understand that their needs and requirements are not the same as other industries. With a dynamic environment and a large amount of drivers, it is key for their platforms to meet this same criteria. [...]

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Rolling Forecasts and Variable Budgeting: What You Need to Know

Perspectives from InnoVergent CEO, Paul Cammisa What you need to know about rolling forecasts and variable budgeting. As we wrap up the first month of the year and keep looking ahead, we realize that the budgets and forecasts we had established for 2017 are already evolving and in need of updates. What [...]

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Kicking off The New Year and Preparing for Your Annual Audit

Kicking off The New Year and Preparing for Your Annual Audit: CEO Perspectives Perspectives from InnoVergent CEO Paul Cammisa Yes, it is now 2017 and you are just getting used to writing 2017 instead of 2016. You are finishing up your year-end closing, consolidations and reporting. Time for a quick breath, [...]

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Breaking Free From Traditional Spreadsheets: Three Tools to Help You Provide Greater Value and Avoid Mistakes

Breaking Free From Traditional Spreadsheets Have you ever been in a meeting where every participant is working with different data sheets, creating confusion and preventing your team from planning and analyzing accurately? If you are like most people we talk to, you are not alone. As we kick off [...]

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Financial Fact or Fiction: Enter 2017 with confidence in your data

Are your financials what you think they are? Paul's Perspectives: November 2016    A monthly thought leadership column by InnoVergent CEO Paul Cammisa We recently experienced an election event unlike any we’ve seen for years, if ever before. We learned a lot about people, polls and predictions, and boy were those pollsters wrong. So as we [...]

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The ultimate cheat sheet on PSA

How to maximize business performance Fancy a service that helps you accurately plan, track and execute projects? Maximizing business performance can be a challenging task if you don’t have effective business tools to help you plan and manage. With Netsuite and Innovergent, however, it is easy to acquire services that help you [...]

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